Chriss Cage

Chriss Cage

Since i was little i have always been fascinated by music.I grew up in a family where house music had a big influence on my life. When i was 16 years old i began experimenting with virtual mixing software.. Later on my twinbrother buyed his first turntables and started collecting his first lp’s and started performing as a dj under the name of B-matic, because of his interest in deep house, tech house and minimal i also fell in love with those style’s of music.

My brother and a good friend learned me the basic steps of beatmatching and i started buying new dj gear and started building my own vinyl collection.

A couple of years later a good friend made his first steps towards the producingworld, he started working with producing software called fruityloops, and later he began working with ableton.

In this time i was playing in a local club in my village and also became more interested in producing music. Later on i learned the basic steps of producing from that good friend. After a couple years we decided to produce some tracks together.

Under the name MaD_LaB

Our tracks had more of a deep house touch.

Ever since i also started producing my own music under the name of Chriss Cage …

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