Danny Van Wauwe – Insomnia

Danny Van Wauwe – Insomnia
Release date
01 December 2014
    Danny Van Wauwe – Insomnia
    01 December 2014 | Tech-House


    Danny Van WauweInsomnia // Ayeko Records [AYK011]
    Genre: Tech-House,Deep House,
    Release Date: Dec 01 2014
    Label: Ayeko Records

    1 Danny Van Wauwe – Insomnia (Original Mix)
    2 Danny Van Wauwe – Insomnia (Central Rodeo Remix)
    3 Danny Van Wauwe – Insomnia (Mylan Remix)

    Release Info:
    Danny van Wauwe is responsible for many house classics these last years. With numerous releases on various labels such as Defected, Strictly Rhythm or Ministry of Sound (& more) and 25 years of experience, he played his unique and classy house sound at almost every possible venue and festival in Europe (such as Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Bloomingdale, Dirty Dutch, La Rocca in Antwerp (BE), Bizznizz in Montpellier (Fr) etc.)

    His last release features the groovy tech-house oriented ‘Insomnia’ (original) and two remixes –first one being delivered by the Swiss Duo ‘Central Rodeo’ – whilst the second remix gives us the opportunity to discover the work of Belgian producer Mylan. If you object to finding extraordinary in the ordinary, you may want to give some more attention to the details of Insomnia (original mix), obviously not resulting of a common work. The very first scratching fills could even – if you’re a true oldschool type – remind you of Mr. Oizo ‘Flat Beat’ monster hit … if it wasn’t for its melody, soon kicking in on a subtle groove, with knowingly measured guitar riff and vocal drops, coming back at you later in the build. Clearly dancefloor oriented, the piece never loses energy. A fine tuned, warm tech-house production, that makes it VERY difficult – if not impossible – to keep your feet still and quiet. So why resist?
    Central Rodeo delivers an interpretation of its own, giving it a slightly darker turn. Builded around strong kick drums, obsessive vocals, metallic echoing and short ear drilling whistles, the remix glances at the hypnotic side of the Force. Slowly dragging you into a subterranean world, it never loses its initial warmth. Darker and deeper – but still peachy.
    Finally Mylan lets you know the facts right away: he steps in with fastened beats and offers the little techno touch to the pack. Obviously taking pleasure in rearranging bass sounds and original scratches, the wise boy keeps a nice build and lets us some space to breathe, as evidenced by a more ambient take-off in the last part of it.
    All said and done the ‘Insomnia EP’ answers the crowd moods spectrum pretty well (and they may most possibly occur on a dance floor) with fine quality. That should be enough for you to make it a bit of space in your collection.

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