La Fraicheur & Cluss Trover – Septembre

La Fraicheur & Cluss Trover  – Septembre
Techno - Deep - House
Release date
08 December 2017
    La Fraicheur & Cluss Trover – Septembre
    08 December 2017 | Techno - Deep - House

    It’s hard for Berlin-based french producer La Fraicheur to stay in place twiddling her thumbs. A dozen releases and tours taking her from Burning Man to South America while being a resident DJ in her hometown’s Wilde Renate, 2017 has been pretty busy so far. A year she is closing with “Septembre”, her latest collaboration with Cluss Trover.

    Cluss Trover, Parisian producer, oftens locks himself up in a cabin deep in mountainous French Auvergne with a laptop, some speakers and analog synths to create music somewhere between stripped down techno and poetic electronica.

    Combining their love for things boiled down to the essentials, they came up with “Septembre”, a restrained yet tense minimal house track.

    Rome-based Italian Lady Maru (Progrezo, General Records) has two loves. No wave post punk and techno. Playing in bands of the former and Djing the latter, she is drawn to the hypnotic and emotional. Bringing her signature sound to the remix, she took “Septembre” into dub territories with deep haunting sounds.

    German producer & sound designer Polly Powder (aka Toneaffair, Zoned Recordings) defines his sound as “grungetech” a combination of dirty 90’s records with straight techno beats, spiced up with some pinkness. His take on “Septembre” oozes just that, muggier techno vibes with a catchy hook.

    British-born, New York raised, now Berliner Mike Starr (Bpitch, Sound Black) brought his love for house music with him on remix duty, adorning “Septembre” with a bright percussion-heavy, brand new raw groove.


    1.Septembre (Original Mix)
    2.Septembre (Polly Powder Remix)
    3.Septembre (Lady Maru Remix)
    4.Septembre (Mike Starr Remix)


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