Julien Lenoir ‘Black Hole’ | Different Grooves 4.0


Ayeko Records presents Julien Lenoir and Dylan Casale with this brand new EP scheduled for release on August 12th. ‘Black Hole’ includes three powerful original tracks to discover and two remixes to balance this package. Enjoy this one and let us know what you think about these new gems.

Artist: Julien Lenoir
Title: Black Hole
Remixer: Dylan Casale
Label: Ayeko Records
Cat #: AYK025
Release Date: 12 August 2016
Black Hole (Original Mix)
Black Hole (Dylan Casale Remix)
Ethnic Eric (Original Mix)
Ethnic Eric (Dylan Casale Voodoo Dub Remix)
That Groove (Original Mix)


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Dylan Casale – Ayeko Groovecast

Dylan-Casale-AyekoGroovecast-012015Born in Geneva, Dylan Casale talented DJ and producer with Italo/English origines. Influenced by Hip-hop, Funk, Jazz… His passion for turntables started in the middle 90’s.

Underground music has always been a matter of passion for Casale, being a fan of many talented artists in a decade of electronic music, his music is naturally influenced by established labels such as : Relief, Purpose Maker, Axis & many others.

His productions are the reflect of his dancefloor culture, prioritising on powerfull rythmics & lively grooves, always looking for sounds that will make dance the audience trough an eclectic sound selection from Techno to Deep House.

Dylan Casale appers on local stage in 2001, mixing in gigs with is local DJ mates & some of the most apreciated dj’s of the underground scene under the names «Dee Blast & Aaron Keï ». Contributing in an online radio project that will become in 2012 Ayeko Records.

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Lagardere – Night Animals

“Let me taste your skin, I’ll make you scream!” This is definitely what you’ll be ready for when you listen to this crazily awesome, funky bass, pop summer song hit composed by Lagardere. You’ll have to scream and dance, move and act just like an animal!!! Rumbling bass, infectious lyrics, damn noisy techno breaks, brainy chorus, jazzy pumpy drums… don’t you think it sounds like a cover from a mysterious forgotten disco classic you heard at your daddy’s discoteca years ago?

Be honest, you still can’t get enough of it, right? But let us tell you that it’s not, and it’s not a surprise that once again Lagardere is producing another uncompromising track in such a personally unique way, with a recognisable touch no matter what style he dives into. As usual, he’s never into what you expect from him. Dedicated to all Night Animals, the ones who love life, the hedonistic ones who are deeply in-love with down tempo frenzied grooves. The song is a musical love letter to Nightlife, yet also a kind of warning sign of where he could take you to if you lost yourself into it, but be free to make your own story out of it. Packed with a bunch of great remixes ranging from deep house to electro, made from mad mysterious groove scientists, and some of the finest Ayeko artists, Disco Channel, Matthew Square, Olafson, Chronophone, Dylan Casale, Modern Hedonists and Frank B. Arnold. Be confident the summer nights will be filled with groans from human night-clubbing animals, and that the party will roll till the morning light. Let’s rumble in da funkiest jungle!

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