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[006] Dahu – North (Soul Button Remix) [Steyoyoke – SYYKAS 006]
[012] Itamar Sagi – Black Gold [R2 – CD 016D]
[018] ?

[025] Leon – Bloosh (Seb Zito Remix) [D-Floor Music – DFL 006]
[031] Mark Henning & Den – La Galaxia Llorona (Autodeep Remix) [Trapez – 92]
[038] Mono Negro – 3rd Strike (Raw Rootz Remix) [Be An Ape]
[043] Sarp Yilmaz – Starlight [Clubstream Green – CLUBGREEN 101]
[049] Roland M Dill – Winter Splendor [Selador – SEL 036]
[054] Stacey Pullen – Any Which Way [Blackflag – BFR 012]
[063] Brothers In Progress & Venditti Bros – Scream To Me A Loud (Psykoloco Remix) [Blackflag – BFR 017]
[068] Luca Cazal – Mariri (Stacey Pullen Remix) [Crosstown Rebels – CRM 129]
[stacey-pullen-nts-radio073] ?

[079] Brothers In Progress & Venditti Bros – Emotionique [Blackflag – BFR 017]

[084] David Herrero – Maybe Someday [Stanch – SR 107]

[089] Lee Guthrie – Chronicles [High Pro-File – HPFLTD 053]
[095] Architectural – Architectural 03 1 [Architectural – ARCH 003]
[101] Julien Jabre – Stagger

[107] Fetisch & Me – Useless Man [Gigolo – 237D]

[112] ?
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12 Days Of Mixmas – Stacey Pullen

If you want to talk about the machine-maestros of the city of Detroit, the visionary producers reponsible for cultivating a genre that continues expand and exceed our wildest imaginations—you better know Stacey Pullen’s name. Along with his town’s other esteemed techno princes, Stacey’s been jamming on drum machines since probably before you were born, and who better than this member of the Drumcode fam to bring Mixmas to a proper finale of computer bliss than the man himself ?

That’s right, Pullen is in the house and he’s got Twelve Drumcodes Drumming in his bottomless bag of gifts. So nod your head, say thank you, and enjoy an hour of analog assault, tremendous digital drama, and enough coder bleeps to make a North Korean hacker hang up their keyboard for good.

  • [00] Clif Jack – Spirit Of Moon (Intro Mix) [Slick – SLK 088A]
  • [02] Sana – Milion [Basswalk – BWCD 095]
  • [09] Dave Aju Feat. Qzen – Psylica (Henrik Schwarz Remix) [Circus – CCS 092]
  • [15] Tuccillo – So Hot [20:20 Vision – VIS 248D]
  • [21] Dave Aju – Nu Threads (Freaksnuthreadsspeakeasy Remix) [Circus – CCS 092]
  • [29] GIK – Marea Delamare [CerSenin – CSR 010]
  • [37] Premiesku – Nebula [Desolat – 041]
  • [43] Canson – Canson Don’t Stop [Recovery Tech – RTCOMP 401]
  • [49] La Foret – Slide [Ayeko Records – AYK 003]

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Stacey Pullen

STACEY PULLEN'S BEATPORTStacey Pullen is the Kosmik Messenger. An innovator from the Second Wave of Detroit techno, he grew up under the mentorship of Detroit’s legendary three: Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson. Still continuing to produce his characteristic atmosphere laden electronic sound, Stacey Pullen compounds his reputation as a producer with that of being one of the world’s most in demand DJs, playing weekly across the globe year in, year out. With a font of passion for music and performance that never dries up, Stacey Pullen still plays every gig from the heart seeking to surprise and engage, to provide an unforgettable experience, to offer up his unique catalogue without predictability – defying expectation. Above all, from his earliest attempts to the current day Stacey Pullen has stayed true to his one goal: to become and to always be an Innovator.


Stacey Pullen – Get Loose (Original Mix) Saved Records
Elio Riso – Its All Right (Original Mix) Blackflag Recordings
Hector Delano Smith – Hide (Delano Smith Mix) Tsuba
Hermanez – Sativa (Original Mix) Serkal
Gas – Green Mamba (Original Mix) Cadenza Lab
Cosmin TRG – Vertigo (Tale Of Us & Fango Remix) Tale Of Us, Fango, 50 Weapons
Raw Rootz – Beginnin’ (Stacey Pullen Remix) Stacey Pullen, Kraftek
RWND – Rewind#7 (Original Mix) Voltaire Music
Carlo Lio – Don’t You Worry (Original Mix) Desolat
Werner Niedermeier – Subconscious Emotion (Original Mix) Ayeko Records

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