Ayeko.com ChronophoneDesiree Paris (aka chronophone) was born in Paris in 1974. He is a DJ, producer and activist fan of Detroit techno and Dubtechno
After having been promoter of Rave Party between 1992 and 1996, he began his career as Dj in 1996 and quickly became multi-resident in many clubs from Paris to Ibiza
He plays through Europe since 1998, the will to compose and his exciting mixes ranging from Deephouse, DeepTech and Techsoul, take him gradually to the world of production
The year 2007 sounds his debut as producer and during two years, learns and happens the hand by producing projects downtempo and slowhouse

Under the pseudonym Desiree Paris, he produced many remixes and music in various styles going of ambient to drum n ‘bass through the House
In July 2010, he started his new project “Chronophone”, a concept more Dubby, DeepTech and Techsoul and parallel collaboration with Mike Anderson under the name “Tout le Monde” which will result in a mini sampler EP is Jambalay Records
He is quickly spotted by the legend of the House of Chicago, Chez Damier who offers to release his High Dub Jazz on the famous label in Chicago, Balance Records
His tracks are Dubtechno hypnotic, minimalist and deep, and are supported by a number of large producers in the scene Trance, Techno and House Music

End of 2010, he released his first album “Come to Dubby” very DeepTech dubby, a techno album, melodic and dubby on Inkfish Records label and won the support of a wide range of international DJs
The Techno legend Laurent Garnier and the god of progressive Nick Warren both praised Chronophone for his 1st album.
Chronophone surpasses himself in the creation of sexy atmospheres and melodiques, in flavor minimalists were influenced by his passion for the sound made in Motorcity…..
In 2011, for one exclusive Ep on Inkfish, he brings out with Lady Jo under the nickname “Soulmate Inc “, “The Meeting”, a tribute to the minimalist techno trancy …

In 2012 Chronophone makes its debuts on the famous New Yorker labels Nite Grooves and Street King with his “Voce de Sa Trincha” a celestial incantation for the sound Minimal Deep and Tech served with the Parisian sophisticated touch.
Autumn, 2012, he crosses an upper level by being selected by one of the founding fathers of the Techno movement, Derrick May for his compilation “Beyond the Dance 4” Transmat Records and joined the great and historic Detroit label…
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