Cosmokolor Cosmokolor has always been driven by musical sounds and melodies since his early years till it became his way of living in late 90s. Ever since getting his first vinyl the irreversible electronic journey begins. Always curious and evolving, his mind is infinitely open to new sounds, instruments, effects and technology as soon as novelties are present in the electronic scene. Deriving inspiration from everything – tribal sounds to Motown legends, deep industrial grinds to sunset melodies, hip-hop to Kraftwerk, Cosmokolor always surprises you with his sets and makes sure the audience is happy.

Cosmokolor was an essential part of the infamous underground parties that Geneva is so known for. Having played with the likes of Radioslave, Sebo K, he is always eager to share the musical experience with others seeking to surprise and engage through his experimental yet well-established style. In Geneva, he has organized various events at Piment Rouge and was also responsible for the line-up at Jack’s house, introducing artists such as Dachshund (Harthouse), Warlich (Eminor), and Ed Davenport (Liebe detail), Crowdpleaser & St Plomb (Mental Groove) and many more. Constantly present in the swiss music scene, Cosmokolor has performed in many clubs in Switzerland as Pipping Club, Crème, Zoo, la Ruche as well as at numerous festivals as Electron and Overground. In 2007 he began producing his own tracks and signed his first maxis Doggy Bag, Royal Flash and White Chicks with italian label Kina Music. In 2012 he releases Camille and Natural Garden on Chupa Records label. His multidimensional perception and love for electronic music is also reflected in the mixes one can listen on his web radio Ayeko. Be sure to hear proper passionate techno any time of the day.