Garance-Ayeko.comImmersed in the house music of the 90′, initiated by the radio show Pump it Up live from the Swiss station Couleur 3, Garance started mixing in the early 2000s. Inspired by labels like Plastic City, Mojuba or Moon Harbour, inhabited by the melodic layers of deephouse and passionate about vinyl, behind her turntables, she created her own path. From Geneva, her hometown, to Sao Paolo, from Florianópolis to Cologne or London, she connects sounds to bring a new energy in the dance.

With an experience of more than 20 years in playing flute and bagpipe, in a natural impulse, a creative growth, Garance began to compose and produce her own sounds on labels, alone or in collaboration, in 2010.

Always traveling between Brazil and Switzerland, this globetrotter carries her computer around and takes every opportunity to create. She isolates herself from others, uses and abuses of all kind of melodies and sounds. She enjoys being carried away by the sound of a synthesizer, creating mesmerizing ambiances of hot atmospheres that are the strength of her music. It is in a studio with her buddies, that she finishes her pieces to give them that special tweak that makes her signature.

Her credo: spacey music will make you dance, a slow pace can be intoxicating, everything lies in the surprises, breaks and progresses.