Ken Wan

Ken Wan began to make music in the 90s with the large arrival of hip hop in Europe. The political and social message of hip hop was then directed to the punk music. He played drums in several bands before returning behind the decks of the hip hop movement in the late 90s. From that time he devoted much of his time to his perfectioner mixes and scratches.
Ken One (later Ken Wan continued) has been one of the first dj Switzerland to offer mixtapes local artists, the most famous being “PRELIMINAIRES.” This mixtape brought together artists such as DUO, Paintball, Enok Sainkel, 216 crew and Herbalist. At that time, it also offers every month, a mixed compilation featuring the latest news of French and American rap.
Later he formed a colllectif under the name “G-spot” with two other members, Dj Postman and Kunda. They regularly play on all the local scenes and people are dancing on the bass frequencies of hip hop and dancehall.

ken wanKen Wan has been shaking up the local house music scene in 2012. With Jeremy he formed the duo in 2012 as the Sun Sets.
Behind the decks, every one of his set is an electronic travel together all his musical influences.

Ken wan began producing his own music in late 2012 and begins with its first release “dance of the Women Frog” came out on Ayeko Records (follow remixes Central Rodeo and Delayed Project). He then produced several titles whose EP “no good for ya” which includes remixes of Garance, Central Rodeo Chronophone and Chris Bailey and Ep “I believe” with a remix by matthew square.

Since Ken wan out more Tracks and begins this year with a lot of output and collaborations planned.

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