Matthew Square — Gazoongas
Release date : Mar. 21, 2013
Label : Ayeko Records

Format : Mp3/320k | FREE DOWNLOAD
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Matthew Square - MetronomeMatthew Square

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Born in the late 80’s, Matthew Square is an artist reaches of musical schizophrenia. His symptoms are the expression of a mixture of fascination and passion for music. For nearly 10 years, he is mixing cds and vinyls, drawing his resources in a world shaped by old music titles for years 70-80’s that he incorporates to his latest-90-00’s playlists.
Rocked by the funk, soul, disco, hip-hop, house and techno, Matthew Square is an artist with eclectic selections.. He knows how to appreciate music and approach in a respectful way. He’s always trying to make it accessible to everyone, so that everyone can enjoy it at its fair and real value.

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